rotisserie chicken and soul food sides made from scratch with fresh local ingredients


Natural. Local. Humane. Conscious. Soul Food. Fast.


OMG! Rotisserie was conceived at our kitchen table with the simple idea that soul food is everyone's food. We took that simple concept and then sought out local purveyors to help us bring our idea to life. We are proud to partner with over a dozen local producers. We are not a franchise. We are as local as your post office.  We see our mission as two-fold, cooking unbelievably delicious comfort foods and stimulating the local food economy by purchasing as much of it as we can, right here in Ohio. Every item at OMG! is made from scratch, never frozen, and with real ingredients. Nothing artificial, nothing we can't pronounce. That, friend, is how we're keepin' it real!

- Bethany, Sheldon, Marla and Jimmy

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